Express Yourself To Win! Kindra's Profile Contest
to Aug 19

Express Yourself To Win! Kindra's Profile Contest

The First Place winner of the Profile Contest is Marissa from San Diego! 
We will be announcing the Second - Fifth place winners when we return from the Playa. 

Kindra's profiles give you the tools to express who you as an entire person -- so you can attract a kindred spirit who resonates with the authentic you. 

We've decided the honor the most expressive profiles. 

  • First prize: $500 -- enough for a ticket to the Playa where the winner can radically express for a full week! 
  • Second prize: $150 -- enough for a regional burn where the second place winner can radically express for a long weekend!
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth prize: $25  -- enough for three packs of dust masks, a great thrift-shop outfit, or a bag of blinky lights to share on the Playa! 

To make your profile more expressive:

  • Fill in all the boxes in your profile collage.
  • Use all kinds of media. Caption your photos and use text, video, audio, and emojis.

  • Express yourself! Be fun, playful, serious, quirky, fantastical - whatever feels like you.

  • Show more than your face. Videos can be of your favorite place, a funny happening, your friends, your family. Audio can include you and/or others talking, or even clips from a famous speech.

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