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BEquinox 2019

  • Seraphim Ranch California City, CA 83501 United States (map)


BEquinox was very purposely set upon an annual change of seasons.  A celestial mark in time in our collective orbit around our star marking the vernal equinox when winter’s cold embrace gives way to spring and the promise of life anew.  

Proverbial seeds have been planted and the first sprouts appear upon OUR land with this, the Regeneration of BEquinox at our new, permanent home.  Our opportunity for rejuvenation and re-imagination is at hand as we breathe new life and love into our Burner community.

We take the collective memories of the past events with us into this new incarnation with the intent that we will grow… slowly… purposefully… letting the love, art and community embrace and sustain us into the future.

Fresh starts and new growth begins with OUR Regeneration.