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Emissions Festival 2019

  • Belden Town Resort & Lodge 14785 Belden Town Road Belden, CA, 95915 United States (map)

It's Time Again To Gather In The Trees...
Each year, the bass culture community gathers deep in the forest to explore the various forms of creative expression that we've pushed for so many years. This community has celebrated & enjoyed a different type of bass music that stood defiantly unique from the norm. By building & dancing together for over 11 years, the positive ripples are now evident everywhere. Especially in the recent growth of the community as it spreads across the country & beyond. By gathering each year for this, it has helped further the development of these different styles getting absorbed into every facet of current music & festival culture.

The bass culture family keeps getting thicker as we gather to push forward in different ways & really experiment within our sound. Come be a part of the culture!

Our 'Secret Guests' alone are a testament to this amazing community. It's inspiring to see so many big homies just wanting to play for the family. Definitely making this an unforgettable experience. Check the program when you arrive for the great reveals! ~Who Could They Be???~

Come home to where it all began. Help us create this year's entry into the history of the only long running bass music festival. As we enjoy the new Memorial Day Weekend for 3 full nights & days of uninterrupted main stage sound right along the river, nestled deep in the trees. Don't settle. Come experience a true bass culture event to the fullest.

There's something very different going on deep in the trees...

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Don't Miss Our PreParty May 3rd in SF @ Public Works!
(with) MALA / Truth / Youngsta / Khiva / Kowta / Adiidas / Barely Great / Cult45


New Arrival Process- *ALL VEHICLES Go Directly To Offsite Lot*
Full Detailed Process & Schedule Will Be Sent To PreSale Ticket Holders & Posted On The Website

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