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Connexus: Love - Sex - Tribe

  • Sanctum 2121 Lincoln Blvd, Suite B Venice, CA 90291 (map)

Sooooo. If you haven't noticed, relationships are in upheaval. You feel it, right? Old paradigms are crumbling, for better or worse. Many are confused - there are no rules or structures that make sense, and it's getting harder to build the deep connections that nourish us.

Amidst the rubble, we see an opportunity to create a NEW culture based on what WE want, not what society, religion, or our families have dictated.

And - pretty much everybody is howling about how to meet people - for love, sex, friendship, ANYTHING other than a swipe. Because when it comes to finding love, the online thing is just...ack. 

Well, stop howling and come to CONNEXUS.



CONNEXUS is monthly event for grown-ass people who want to talk openly about sex, and meet other grown-ass people.

CONNEXUS is an expertly curated town-hall for you to be moved by vulnerable storytelling.

CONNEXUS IS NOT: A sex party, speed dating, Tantra class or cuddle party.

We do rowdy relating games, heart-opening dialogue, and spontaneous laughter. 

Every event is an edgy improv, because for fuck's sake - love is messy. Let's have some fun.


NOVEMBER'S TOPIC, With Guest Robert Kandell

"Make It Safe to Feel Sexy - Erotic Communication and Consent"

- How to ask for what you want and keep it hot.

- Communication skills that end confusion about consent.

- The Art of the Authentic "No".


IF you're looking for love, GREAT, we'll make it easy for you to find each other and link up.

IF you just want to be with tribe and learn some sexy stuff, GREAT, we'll build in boundaries so you feel safe.

No matter what, you're gonna make new friends, take your sex and love to the next level, and have FUN.

Come with a friend, a partner, or solo. Our culture is inclusive and heavy on the [consentual] hugs.


Expect: Progressive sex-ed, stimulating new ideas, and if you choose - plenty of chances to share your voice in a meaningful way.


Here's how we roll:

7:15 Doors open

7:30 Opening Musical Performance 

7:40 Doors Lock - NO LATE ARRIVALS, sorry.

7:45 Opening Games

8:00 Forum Discussion & Teaching on Topic

9:00 Relational Practice

9:30 - 10:00 Social time - lounge, flirt, follow up, make friends. We'll serve up some sexy downtempo beats and a lush vibe.


Advance Tix: $25
Door: $30

=> Space is limited! Advance tix highly recommended <=


Whatever your stripe - mono, poly, "ish", queer, bi, pan - bring it.

Whatever your pronoun - bring it.


Because if you can't empathize with someone different than you, you're going to suck at a relationship.



- Late Arrivals

- Perfume / Cologne

- Drugs or Alcohol

- Shoes

- Phones - Once you enter, this is a "no phone zone".


- Squishy, fuzzy, sensual things to sit on and share. You'll be on the floor, tribal style. (Chairs are available if you need).

- A water bottle

- Your open heart and mind

=> Hosted by Eva Clay, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Sexologist and Professional Troublemaker 

Side Note: I throw epic parties; it's kind of my genius. If you've been to one, you know. I've had multiple marriages and countless love affairs spring from my super-lush living room. This event is by popular request to make my parties a public venue, and share the magic. 

Come on in.



Robert Kandell is a veteran of many worlds. He has spent time in corporate America, a start-up, a small computer shop, and then built an international 8-figure business based on relationship, intimacy and sexuality. He currently runs a successful consulting firm helping small businesses to become marketable and profitable. 

In addition to his business and management skills, Robert is an accomplished teacher, coach, and lecturer, helping men find themselves and utilize their internal power for fourteen years.

He is the host of the well-known podcast, Tuff Love and is currently writing his revolutionary book, unHIDDEN – A Book for Men and Those Who Are Confused By Them.


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