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Love Circle: Evolution

  • Love Circle Evolution 42296 Valley Center Road Newberry Springs, CA, 92365 United States (map)

A sacred ceremony for those empowered to change the world...
A four-day festival built on love, creativity, awareness & self-expression...
A celebration for the victory that is to come...

|| our mission ||

"Love Circle Movement is a gathering of our generation, a co-creation of our dream, a celebration of our new expression, and an initiation of our evolution. We are taking charge to be the change we wish to see in the world. It starts with us, simply making the decision to change ourselves, to walk with that embodiment, to start acting from our hearts, and to know, truthfully, that each individual’s personal evolution ripples infinitely, affecting the frequency and reality of EVERYTHING around us. We come together this November, to practice this new vision of society, to heal old wounds, to move into our hearts more permanently, to find allies in love, and to celebrate the victory that is to come, from us.

This is a collaboration, just like Earth itself. We have the opportunity to collectively decide what we want this new world to look like, and most importantly, what we want to FEEL while we’re here. Bring your heart to the forefront, share your feelings with confident vulnerability, and know that your ideas matter more than ever right now. Bring what you do, share your craft, your knowledge, your magic, and watch it weave effortlessly into this new web. We are redesigning life, simply, through our presence and belief in a brighter future."

♥ ♥ ♥

|| We want all to be able to afford this special gathering. Tickets starting as low as $44 available through our website, now! Reserve your space in the ceremony, dear friends. ||

Take a sneak peak at to see at our ever-growing line-up of live musicians, underground dance DJs, visionary artists, workshop presenters, progressive thought leaders, intuitive healers, ceremony shamans and more.. 
If this is something you have interest in participating in as well, please join the fam, and email us at

Much love, friends. We cannot wait to circle up again this year, in celebration of our evolution...

♥ ♥ ♥