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 Join us for a night of deep listening, extended hugs, consensual cuddles, and a flood of happy, healthy brain chemicals.

HELD is designed to enhance connection and wellbeing through exercises in presence, communication and touch. It is not a "cuddle party," couples event, or sensual/sexual workshop. (Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what we’re up to.) It is a guided, immersive experience with exercises in pairs, small groups, and as a collective that let you explore:

•  Eye contact and truly seeing one other
•  Listening with full presence and non-judgement
•  Oxytocin-releasing “held hugs”
•  Giving/receiving non-sexual touch 
•  Practicing communication and consent
•  Sharing experiences in a safe space

All comfort levels are welcome – whether you love this stuff or are a little nervous about it. We just ask for an open mind and willingness to stretch into potentially unfamiliar territory, all in a space committed to safety, communication and consent.

Earlier Event: November 25
Later Event: November 30
Radical Honesty Weekend