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  • Exact location emailed with registration Private venue Venice, CA (map)

Guided by Aviva Mohilner. HELD is a safe space for connection and nourishment through healthy human touch.

HELD is a place for you to relax and ground. To leave your worries and devices at the door. To connect with kindred spirits who believe that human touch is an essential part of a truly healthy mind, body and spirit.

It is NOT a "cuddle party," couples event, or sensual/sexual workshop. (Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what we’re up to.) It's an immersive experience with exercises in pairs, small groups, and as a collective that let you explore...

• Eye contact and truly seeing one other
• Deep listening with full presence and non-judgement
• Extended hugs to maximize wellbeing
• Giving and receiving non-sexual touch 
• Practicing communication around comfort and consent

All comfort levels are welcome – whether you love this stuff or are a little nervous about it. We just ask for an open mind and willingness to stretch into potentially unfamiliar territory, all in a space committed to safety, communication and consent. 

* NOTE: This is a drug/alcohol-free event. We also ask strongly (aka: require) that you don’t indulge beforehand, since it’s hugely important that everyone can feel safe and be fully present.