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Samskara After Dark | Visual Reality Winter Solstice Celebration

  • Wisdome LA 1147 Palmetto Street Los Angeles, CA, 90013 United States (map)

△ Wisdome LA presents SAMSKARA AFTER DARK, a series of events showcasing unique music, art, and creativity.

△ For our very first event, Android Jones and are partnering with the renowned Visual Reality collective to celebrate the Winter Solstice with immersive visual art, stunning live performances, interactive VR demonstrations, psychedelic and meditative soundscapes - masterfully layered into a magical playground of exploration and expansion in a network of massive projection domes.


Saturday Dec 22nd, 7pm-midnight at Wisdome.LA

△ Featuring:

▲Samskara Fulldome Experience, Interactive Museum Exhibition, and Microdose VR by Android Jones

▲Mindblowing Main Stage Dome Performances by:

Mandala Affect
Numatik Music
DMNSN (360 audio/visual activation by Torkom Ji + Michael Strauss)

▲ Live 360 Visual Projections and "Augmented Visions" Art Gallery by Michael Strauss Visuals

△ Sound Healing Dome Presented By Visual Soundbath:

Torkom Ji
Shiro Fujioka
Lynda Arnold
ROEM (heare & Caroline Campbell)

▲Visionary fulldome short films by Ben Ridgway - Inner Space ArtLuminokayaVinyl Williams, and more

▲Interactive light painting photography by Harmonic Light (Reid Godshaw)

Visual Reality Experience Dome: Featuring a full spectrum of immersive art, multi-sensory meditations, and visionary VR voyages. 

△ Selected offerings include:

Quantum Harmonix - 432hz sound healing sessions by Torkom Jienhanced by SUBPAC

Inner Activity - multi-sensory meditation, therapeutic entertainment from PhD researcher Anshul Pendse

Naga 360 / The Being VR - stunning audio/visual adventures into abstract fractal geometry by Michael Strauss Visuals with soundtracks by David Starfire Music and Solar Theory

Neuroexplorer VR - experience the evolution of the human mind on this virtual journey through the brain

Vinyl Williams - ineffable environments impressing upon transcendental incorporeal states of being

Villette presents "MONEY" - VR music video with dreamlike visions directed by Parker Howell

Chrysalis VR - psychedelic VR underwater adventure game

I AM HALO - synesthetic galactic worlds painted in VR with live interactive features presented by Audrey Lane

With a special installation of Galactic Gallery - an award-winning interactive Virtual Reality Art Gallery created by Zach ariah and David Starfire. A fully immersive experience that takes you on a journey with art from the world’s top visionary artists featuring Android Jones, Chris Dyer, Mugwort, Xavi, Raul Casillas, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, Hans Haveron, Jake Korbin, TAS, Julius Horsthuis, Simon Haiduk, Miles Toland, and Anthony Sirios West. Music by David Starfire, CloZee, Kalya Scintilla, and Whitebear.