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Phoenixfest! A camping and creating weekend

Phoenixfest will be the launching weekend of The Phoenix and The Butterfly art installation. Think of it as a build party with a twist, we are camping! 

The weekend will be a pretty social one with all of us interested in the project getting together for the first time. It will be a time for us to connect and share ideas. It will also be a chance for us to see how we work together. 

The main project we will be focused on is making copper Phoenix feathers. These will be going into the actual Phoenix sculpture as well into earrings we will be selling in our fundraising drive. 

This is a BYOE (bring your own everything) event. You will be responsible for all your food and camping supplies. The copper sheet metal will be supplied. Some tools will be provided but if you have tin snips, hammers and dull chissles please bring them. The campground of the event hasn't been selected yet but we are planning on being in the park in Joshua Tree. 

Please check back for details.