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Los Angeles Santacon

Ho! Ho! HoOOooOOoooOOooo Boy!

SANTAS…..are you READY for SantaCon 2018? It's going to be a Metro year for Santa but filled with cheer, shenanigans, and a whole lot of taking back Christmas!!!! 

You know the drill. Be at the start location (to be announced on Dec 7th) in a Santa suit or other Holiday attire at 10am.

Make sure you're signed up to the newsletter for details!
(this is the best method for the start location)

Or stay informed via this website:

Or watch twitter for updates:
(this is the best method for updates on the day)

Paypal link for donations: 

Please use the "friends & family" option to help avoid fees. The Santas-Not-In-Charge really appreciate your support, because it allows us to keep giving back to you and to this city, in the name of Cacophony, with GIFTS during the event and the rest of the year! Thank you! This is a voluntary donation, and is not required in order to attend the event.


( When we engage the public)

Stick together. Safety in numbers. Buddy up, don't leave a Santa behind. Unless he broke major laws, then he's no longer Santa.
Don't fuck with the cops and store security.
When they ask you to leave, BE NICE, and do as you’re told.
Don't fuck with little kids.
Let’s have fun, fuck with the parents, not the children.
Do NOT be nice to CLOWNS. They want to take our fun away.
Don't fuck with people who serve us food and beer. DO tip them well.
They are serving us, they also reserve the right NOT to. So, it's in our best interest if we want to refuel. Santa loves to eat and drink.
Remember the Rules!

It's a Metro year!!! Get a day pass! Wear comfy shoes!
Mass transit has its own security force. Consider yourself warned…
Thou Shalt Not Annoy Thy driver.
Thou Shalt Pick Up Whatever One Does Droppeth on The Floor.
Thou Shalt keep a tight reign on all possessions – particularly backpacks and Santa sacks (unattended bags are a big red flag for transit security).
Thou ~Shalt NOT~ be overly rowdy, just really “jolly” when aboard Mass Transit.
Thou Shalt keep an eye on your Open Containers (nudge, nudge – wink, wink…).

It's very important how we deal with the public, private security, and most importantly, LEO. If asked, this is how you should answer:

Who's in charge? SANTA
Who are you with? SANTA
What organization are you with? SANTA
Who organized this? SANTA
Who just puked in that trashcan? SANTA
Honestly, there are those folks who figure honesty is the best policy and that's fine. The aforementioned statements are true.


You agree to follow these rules by showing up at the start location in a Santa suit.