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Neoshamanism: Transformational Journey Through Arctic Sound

  • Wisdome.LA 1147 Palmetto Street Los Angeles, CA, 90013 United States (map)

Neoshamanism: Transformational Journey Through Arctic Sound

Immerse yourself into Shamanic practices that have been used by first peoples to attain altered states and communicate with the spirit world. Drawing from deep wisdom of the Sakha shamans, the Olox ceremonial journey and live performance will move through the three worlds: The Lower, the Middle and the Higher.

First Realm – The Lower World
Forces from the Lower World are pervasive in our planet and threaten to destroy us from within and without. Sounds of the Lower World are used to release people from fear, grief, illnesses, hatred and cruelty. Forces from the Middle and Higher Worlds are called upon through ritual and ceremony to aid in this powerful release.

- Preparing the ceremonial space: fumigation and purifying the space.
- Calling in the blessings from Spirit of the Fire – KhatanTemieriye.
- Sound healing ceremony: collective ritual and guided journey into trance consciousness though ancient sounds with shamanic drums.

Shamanic ritual is also brought interactively to each participant as OLOX attunes with each person’s unique Lower World blockage and calling forth beneficial forces for release.

Second Realm – The Middle World
The Middle World is the seen world and is intended for people and spirits. The sounds of the Middle World call upon the healing forces of virtue and love. Universal forces are called into the Middle World through ritual and ceremony to aid in powerful rejuvenation and restoration. Through shamanic ceremony we are brought back into balance and harmony within ourselves, with each other and with nature.
- Workshop: Reindeer Breathing. Breath has long been understood by first people as a doorway into spirit. In our modern culture we see a rediscovery of pranayama or explore the pioneering work of holotropic breath work. Participants are initiated into shamanic breathing which has deep roots in altering consciousness and accessing the spirit world.
- Interactive work with people, imitation of birds and animal sound: Totemic Connection. Ceremony will then move into the ancient practice of connecting with a totemic animal as a bridge to the spirit world and as a conduit for deep wisdom. The use of breathing in altering consciousness and improvisational sound provide a doorway for the experience of totemic connection.

Third Realm – The Higher World
The sounds of the Higher world evoke the energies of art, wisdom, enlightened awareness and universal connection. In Sakha culture there is a complex cosmology of deities that oversee and give benefit to many different experiences in the human realm. These energies support human liberation from the struggles of the Lower and Middle Worlds.
- Acoustic and electronic live performance: you will explore the combination of traditional songs of the Shamanic communities, a reindeer breath (arctic throat beat-box), the sounds of northern birds and animals with modern acoustic and electronic beats. This is a unique bridge between traditional knowledge and new technologies. OLOX will take us all the way back the Big Bang!

About the artist:
The word “olox” translated means “life”, or the universal force that lies behind all phenomena and binds us all together. OLOX is a musical collaboration that integrates traditional shamanic ritual from the artic circle with modern electronic music and world rhythms. Bringing together ancient roots with modern music creates a bridge that is both uniquely transformative and reconnecting.