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UN.DONE Yoga: Perception

  • Astroetic Studios 224 E 11th St, Suite 700A Los Angeles, CA 90015 United States (map)

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Space limited. MUST register in advance.

Un.done: Perception--Seeing beyond our own perceptions guided by Dr. Cat Meyers.

We have been inundated with images of how society wants us to believe is 'beautiful'.
Altering what we see.

Disconnecting what we feel.

As a result we have hurt the most important relationship we can have... That with our body.

Where we'd rather objectify our own vessel, labeling it as wrong, and further severe the sensation and pleasure that is possible.

What if we removed the distractions around us, releasing the visual cues of comparison and how we think we are supposed to move, be, do to drop ourselves into the depths of our own authentic, internal awareness.

Welcome to Un.done - Where we undo the negative stories and messages from our past about our bodies, about being in our sensual expression, about what it means to be safe, about being among other women. In this special Perception class, we will be donning lace eye masks to get in better touch with what we feel from the inside so we can better move in a way that feels good to us.

What makes this class unique is that we come together to practice in our underwear (whatever that means for you), letting go of self-judgment and getting to know what it feels like for our skin to touch skin as we move the way our body wants to.

Dr Cat's style of teaching gets us to slow. it. all. down. so we can better connect within ourselves creating stronger interoceptive awareness--a person’s ability to detect their own internal bodily sensations. Bringing women to be more aware of their internal body cues may decrease external body awareness, or objectification of our own bodies.

The music journey is lead by singer and song producer Ell Kay whose sensual and rhythmic beats supports the grounded, yet liquid experience.

And even more...

Class is followed by an integration circle with nourishing tea and snacks by our sponsors Endorphin Chocolate, Four Sigmatic, & Hint Water.