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Journey Within Dream Meditation

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)

2nd & 4th Thursday of MARCH - 7pm.


Though we dream each night, many of us wake up with hazy images, mostly not remembering anything at all. We brush it aside as unimportant or just what our brain does each night to work through the day. Meanwhile, our spirit is playing architect each night , so we can spend it running with wolves, traveling through time to other worlds, unveiling or healing emotional traumas. It's easy to live the rest of your life without the practice of learning from your dreams. But...If you choose this journey, it's assured that you'll discover a wealth of wisdom and magic. You'll gain the skills and experiences that will benefit your soul each and every day upon waking.
Dreams have the power to bring us insight into ourselves, our community and our world. By awakening to the healing power of our dreams, we ask ourselves; what is our dream communicating to us and the world in which we live and create?
I offer you a key to unlock your dreams, in the form of this circle. You will close your eyes to the waking world and begin your journey within. You will be given tools that will serve you long after you leave the room. You will have access to use these each and every night. This will enhance your dreaming, lucidity and assist in your recall upon waking. With each dream you will be closer to the healing and empowering messages that are built for you each night.
You will be given tools to enhance dreaming through a guided meditation, recording your visions and sharing them with dream council, unlocking the messages seen and unseen. Community building through Dream Work can also offer understanding, new learning, and become a powerful source of creativity and connection. Coming together to share and explore our dreams in circle allows for the open, non-judgmental expression of feelings and thoughts, while gaining insights from different perspectives. This type of collaborative sharing fosters free-thinking with social interaction while co-creating new personal and collective meanings.

Blank Journal ( To be used only for dream work / recording )
Open Mind & Heart
Willingness to be an active participant in circle whether it is by choosing to be an active listener or sharer.

Your Guide
Hello , My name is Raquel, my passion is to offer a down to earth approach to assisting you in developing a deeper connection to your spirit through oracle, ritual and dreams. I believe that achieving one's greatest potential is often a matter of creating a ritual around checking in with ones spirit. We can learn and grow through blockages by bringing awareness to the images reflected to us through oracle and dream . Whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, through my readings and dream guidance, I will assist in empowering you to identify and shift out of those blocks, so that you can create a life full of happiness, health, abundance, magic, and love.


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