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VISUAL SOUND BATH 360 at WISDOME w/ Torkom Ji + Michael Strauss

  • Wisdome.LA 1147 Palmetto Street Los Angeles, CA, 90013 United States (map)

LA’s original “Visual Sound Bath” experience is expanding into new dimensions with immersive 360 fulldome video projections only at WISDOME

VISUAL SOUND BATH 360 is an exploration of where meditative sounds and dynamic visuals meet to produce a hypnotic and consciousness expanding experience. Deep sonic vibrations crafted by Torkom Ji set the tone. Stunning projection art by visual wizard Michael Strauss illuminates the dome. This transmission seeks to provide a space of wonder, healing, and contemplation for all to access and explore.

This audio/video activation is designed to allow participants to transcend the mind and invoke visionary trance states using therapeutic frequencies and immersive visual effects, generated in real time. Lay back and melt away in the sights and sounds as the journey unfolds with beautiful audio-reactive visuals and multi-dimensional sacred geometry.

We invite you to find your own zero-point of stillness with this new form of mindful meditation. Stimulate your senses with this unique offering of transformative sounds enhanced by dynamic 360 full dome projections. Allow yourself to unwind, receive, and float downstream in this mystical voyage through space, time, and dimension.

Torkom Ji is a sound healer and electronic music producer who creates and layers tonal fields and harmonics using synthesizers tuned to 432 Hz. Feel the deep bass, white noise, harmonic overtones, and ancient drones wash over you as Michael Strauss weaves a mind blowing live visual transmission. Psychedelic fractal shapes, ethereal portals, and heavenly spaces appear as the sounds guide you through an expansive journey like no other.

The addition of 360 full dome video projection technology to the soothing sound vibrations creates a powerful transformative experience that can be shared with a large group. The evening also features a tea and CBD lounge, a special guest musical performance (TBA), and transcendent VR demonstrations provided by Visual Reality.

You are invited to bring blankets, yoga mats, pillows, etc to create a comfortable space.

A limited number of VIP passes with reserved premium sofas ($55) are also available.

6PM - Doors Open / Immersive Chill Lounge
7PM - Special Guest Live Music Performance
8PM - Visual Sound Bath with Torkom Ji
9PM - Event Ends

Your ticket to the VISUAL SOUND BATH grants full access to all FIVE of Wisdome's domes, including the SAMSKARA "A Journey Beyond The Mind" exhibition. SAMSKARA features a fully immersive 360 projection show, the Microdose VR interactive gaming experience, and mind-altering art exhibition featuring the works of visionary artist Android Jones.

Come early to explore all the magic the park has to offer!
Sounds by Torkom Ji (
Visuals by Michael Strauss (
Presented by Visual Reality (
Hosted at Wisdome.LA (