'Kin' means family.

Kindra is dedicated to helping people express their authentic selves so they can find kindred spirits. Be yourself. Discover a kindred spirit.

Kindra was established to address the question: how to create technology that supports deep connections in real life and grows community? The journey to answer this led Kindra to create multimedia profile collages, patent-pending search by theme functionality, a set of Kindra dating principles to help forge a more loving, kinder and respectful dating culture and monthly interactive dinner parties for the Kindra community.

Kindra is radically inclusive, open to all races, religions, genders, relationship styles and sexual preferences. It supports consent and open communication.  

Inspired by Burning Man values and principles, Kindra was founded by twelve-time Burner Gina Levy. The Kindra dating app is a product of Kindra Connect, Inc., a digital platform company created to use technology to bring people together – to facilitate strong connections between people and build strong communities.  

Patent pending. "Kindra", "Find Love. Make Kin" and “Be Yourself. Discover Kindred Spirits” are service marks of Kindra Connect, Inc.